Oracle ADF

Software Engineering

"I have added the dependency to my project but then I cannot can't use the page template...", "I cannot use the declarative components on my pages...". Such complaints were common when I started the last Maven ADF projects. So let's see how to overcome another Maven ADF "feature" with Oracle JDeveloper.

Software Engineering

Following Oracle tutorials, you see reusable resources are often added to projects using the ADF library profiles and the JDeveloper's resources window, "but when I use Maven ADF and common resources I am always seeing the set by maven warning...". Ok, let’s see how can you keep improving your experience with JDeveloper in this Maven ADF world.


Throughout this series, I will help you to have a better experience when using Maven as the build tool for an ADF Application. Focusing on the Maven building tool, we will go through the development of a multi module ADF Application with a Common Workspace - the typical implementation of the Cylinder Pattern (see Figure below), one of the ADF Architectural Patterns. In case this is not your architectural choice for the moment, no worries! As you will see, tasks like building an ADF Application with a Model and a View-controller Project with Maven, do not depend on your architecture.