Dynamic markets and the constant reaction to changing conditions is a decisive success factor for companies today. All measures taken in the past years in the field of software development were aimed at supporting and facilitating this dynamics technically. Development times had to be drastically reduced and results made available for review earlier than before. IT has achieved a different status in the company today. IT can be used to tap new growth areas and strengthen existing customer relationships. For this reason, it is important to address the question of how quickly a developer can work productively in a new project. In this blog post, tools and procedures are presented to enable a developer to be productive in the project in less than a day. In detail, this means, for example, editing a user story from the backlog.

Article post picture: Wide Column Database Schema Design

Software Engineering

Because relational database management systems have dominated IT for over 30 years, it is hardly surprising that although a vast amount of literature and material with regards to database schema design is available, most of it focuses on those traditional database systems. However, since NoSQL systems raised in popularity since 2007, knowledge of relational schema design is not sufficient any more. During this post I am going to outline differences and considerable aspects when doing the same for wide column database systems (and especially Apache Cassandra). Before going into any details, I will provide a brief recap on data modelling in general as well as techniques targeting traditional RDBMS. After reading this post, you will be able to understand why data modelling for NoSQL systems like Apache Cassandra follows different rules and what is necessary to design schemas for those systems.


The Oracle SOA 12c release comes with a new JCA Adapter for accessing Coherence clusters. This Coherence adapter provides the functionality for sending and consuming data directly from Coherence clusters inside SCA composites; a task that in the previous versions was only possible with custom Java Code. In this blog entry we are going to show how to define and use a Coherence cluster and share data between an SCA composite and a JEE application.