Create Compact Domain automatically

The Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite Quick Start distributions allow you to quickly install a development or evaluation environment on a single host computer. The Quick Start distribution provides  the following Domain Types:

Default Domain

  • Created within JDeveloper and normally known as Integrated WebLogic Server.
  • Pre-configured with SOA and OSB components.
  • Fusion Middleware schemas are configured in a Java DB (Apache Derby)
  • Runs only when JDeveloper is up and running.

Standalone Domain

  • Created with a special domain configuration script (
  • Pre-configured with SOA and OSB components.
  • Fusion Middleware schemas are configured in a Java DB (Apache Derby)
  • Runs outside JDeveloper.

Compact Domain

  • Created with domain configuration assistant.
  • Configured manually by the user.
  • Fusion Middleware schemas can be configured in a separate database or in a Java DB (default).
  • Runs outside JDeveloper.

The Compact Domain should be used when using other SOA components that are incompatible with the Java DB. This components include Enterprise Scheduler, Managed File Transfer, B2B or Business Activity Monitoring.

Why should I use a Compact Domain

The Compact Domain is interesting in Continuous Integration / Deployment scenario’s where you have a need to provide a runtime environment, executing deployment and integration tests and afterwards remove the runtime environment. Everything in this scenario have to be done automatically. So the Compact Domain only uses a Java DB  and can be configured in the same way as a normal WebLogic Server environment contains clusters etc. Due to this the Compact Domain has a reduced resource consumption.

There exists two possibilities to create a Compact Domain.

Configure a Compact Domain manually

  1. The first thing to do is activating the option to create a Compact Domain. Therefore you have to set an environment variable named CONFIG_JVM_ARGS. Without this environment variable the option to create a Compact Domain will not be displayed in the dialog.

  2. Afterwards the domain configuration assistant  starts. The configuration will be done in the same way as for „normal“ WebLogic domains.

Configure a Compact Domain with WLST

The configuration of the Compact Domain can be automated by using WLST:

  1. Select the WebLogic Server Base Template and define the mode for the new Compact Domain

  2. Configure the AdminServer

  3. Extend the domain with JRF

  4. Extend the domain with SOA

  5. Extend the domain with OSB

    Note: Add additional components like Enterprise Scheduler in the same way as you like.

  6. Finish domain configuration

The complete script can be downloaded with the following link: createcompactdomain

Starting and Stopping Compact Domain

Using the scripts $DOMAIN_HOME/ and $DOMAIN_HOME/bin/


With this simple WLST script is it easily possible to create a complete WebLogic domain containing SOA components and a Java DB. This environment can be create with shell scripts, Maven WebLogic Plugin and other build tools. It is perfectly suitable for automated testing and can be integrated in a build and deploy environment.