Connect Oracle Developer Cloud Service to Application Container Cloud Service

ACC and DC

About six month ago I enjoyed the developer experience Oracle provided with his cloud portfolio. In my opinion the majority of services was integrated seamlessly. Especially the integration between Oracle Developer Cloud Service, a complete CI/CD as a service solution, in combination with various other infrastructure and platform services met my needs perfectly. Unfortunately, I experienced some problems since Oracle switched to its new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). I was not able to create a new connection between Developer Cloud, which resides on the traditional Cloud infrastructure, and Application Container Cloud on OCI. Within this post I explain how to create a successful connection.

Retrieving Required Values

To create a new ACC connection the following values are required:
• Data Center
• Identity Domain
• Username
• Password
Username and password are the same with which you login to your OCI MyServices portal. ACC data center can be found on its “View Service Details” view under “Data Region”.

Oracle Cloud Data Region


The identity domain is more complicated and actually was my problem since the OCI switch. Within the Oracle Cloud Welcome Mail you will find a value naming your identity domain. In my case it was identical to my cloud account name. Unfortunately this is not the correct value. After a 30+ days service request Oracle Support was able to provide me with the “official” way to retrieve the correct value. First of all, login to MyServices Dashboard. From here open your Identity Service Cloud instance which comes with every Oracle Cloud subscription. On the Identity Service Cloud dashboard ignore everything you see, just concentrate on your browser’s URL field.

Identity Service Cloud Dashboard


The URL you see has the following pattern:


The required value is the Identity Domain from this URL…

Creating ACC Connection in Developer Cloud

Now that we have all required values we can create a connection between Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. First, open the project which should be deployed to ACC and select the “Deploy” finger menu. On the next screen open the “New Configuration” dialogue. Within the upcoming dialogue, provide all the data. And create a new “Deployment Target”.

Create Deployment Configuration


Provide all four values and Developer Cloud magically connects to Application Container Cloud enabling CI/CD capabilities.

Application Container Cloud Connection


I hope this short post saves others some headaches when trying to create their integration between Developer Cloud Service and ACC. Furthermore, I hope that Oracle will provide a better way to retrieve the correct Identity Domain or at least document how to retrieve it.

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