Auto-Register EC2 Instance in AWS Route 53

In this blogpost I would like to show you, how an EC2 instance can register itself automatically on AWS Route 53. This could be important, if you have ie. a clustered group of nodes (like an Apache ZooKeeper or Kafka Cluster) where a list of DNS-Names or IP-Addresses need to be configured and you don't want to use AWS specific DNS names.

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Spring-Boot Microservice Communication in Oracle Application Container Cloud

In my last post I gave an introduction to Oracle Application Container Cloud (ACC) and how to develop Spring-Boot applications such that they can be hosted within Oracle ACC. At the end of the post some questions still had to be answered. Within this post we are going to tackle the first one, how is Microservice Communication in Oracle Application Container Cloud achieved? The following figure shows what a simple architecture, within the context of a Spring-Boot Microservice application, might look like.

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Spring-Boot and Oracle Application Container Cloud

Microservices as an architectural style as well as scalable and manageable cloud infrastructure are the foundation for modern and flexible business applications. Therefore, Oracle invested heavily in maturing its Cloud portfolio and providing services to support development and operations of such applications. One Oracle cloud service aimed at these kind of applications is “Oracle Application Container Cloud Service” (ACC). It provides a simple Docker based environment in which your Microservices can be deployed. In order to reduce the operations overhead, developers only have to provide their applications (NodeJS, Java SE or PHP) in a certain format and Oracle’s cloud infrastructure takes over.

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