Access OSB Resources using Java

Every now and then you might want to store some configurations in simple configuration files and use them as OSB Resources in pipelines. In most cases OSB functionality is sufficient to fulfil your requirements. However sometimes you might not be able to get to your goal directly. Recently, I had to retrieve a list of all values in a specific domain column within a Domain Value Map (DVM). As DVMs are primarily used to map one domain value to one or multiple other domains, existing DVM functions do not provide the capability to retrieve all values from a domain column. Therefore, I developed a Java Callout to get the desired result. The solution is applicable to all OSB resource types. This blog post presents the basic concepts used to implement a solution.

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Create and use a Docker container with Oracle XE on macOS

This article explains how to create and use a Docker container with an Oracle XE database on macOS. The following steps are very simple and easy. The database setup needs only minutes and works very well for development and testing purposes.

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Cloud Control Alerts im OSB verarbeiten

Oracle Cloud Control ist die zentrale Monitoring-Lösung für Oracle Produkte. Mit dem Exchange Data Hub ist es möglich, Nachrichten für Alerts und Daten aus Metriken auf JMS Queues zu schreiben. Diese können dann mit einem OSB Prozess weiter verarbeitet werden.

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Oracle SOA Suite Coherence Konfiguration

Im Rahmen eines Kundenprojekts stellte sich die Frage nach der richtigen Konfiguration eines Oracle Coherence Cluster im Rahmen einer SOA Suite Konfiguration. Die Domänen wurden mit Hilfe des Configuration Wizards ( erstellt. Der SOA Cluster bestand aus 2 Servern auf denen 2 Domänen installiert werden sollten. Jede Domäne bestand aus 2 Managed Servern. Weiterhin gab es auf den Servern viele verschiedene IP Adressen pro Netzwerkinterface. Grund für die Anzahl der IPs war, dass das Betriebsystem für eine Whole Server Migration vorbereitet war.

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Configure and send email notifications with UMS Notification Service in Service Bus 12c

This blog post provides a detailed description how to configure and send an email notification with User Notification Service (UMS). In detail it shows how to configure the following properties in a OSB pipeline...

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Create Compact Domain automatically

The Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite Quick Start distributions allow you to quickly install a development or evaluation environment on a single host computer. The Quick Start distribution provides the following Domain Types...

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Middleware-Architekturen im Wandel

Der Markt im Bereich Middleware und Applikationdevelopment in Bezug auf Backendarchitekturen ist im Wandel. Durch Cloudanbieter wie Amazon oder Google haben Techniken wie Virtualisierung und Linux-Container deutliche Marktanteile gewonnen. Themen wie Microservices bringen neue Ansätze, um die Verwaltung von Middleware Applikation zu vereinfachen. Im Folgenden werden drei mögliche Middleware-Architekturen vorgestellt und verglichen.

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Accessing the SOA 12c audit trail

One of the most important and popular features of the Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the audit trail. It allows the tracing of executed and running process instances using a graphical user interface. This monitoring functionality helps system administrators to trace every execution step of a given process and see how the data was transferred and transformed among the different components. The SOA Suite stores all this information in its dehydration database and in this blog I will explain how to access it using Java.

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Oracle BAM 12c Security Concept

Oracle’s BI application Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is the choice to provide Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) users with business insights of all running processes and applications. Due to the fact that in a standard Oracle FMW infrastructure multiple applications are hosted on which different user groups are operating one can imagine that not all information should be accessible by all users. At this point user roles and permissions become an important topic within enterprise applications. This article will provide an overview of Oracle BAM Security Concept which can be used to restrict user access to different data and dashboard categories.

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Speed up the creation of OSB services

Oracles Service Bus (OSB) is an integration tool for connecting, virtualizing and managing interactions between services and applications. With JDeveloper and the service bus console Oracle offers powerful tools for the creation and deployment of OSB services. However, in many cases service creation and deployment of many OSB services can be unnecessarily time consuming. This blogpost shows how this process can be automated.

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