DMS means Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service and it is an integral part of Fusion Middleware to collect performance data. Every Oracle Fusion Middleware component uses DMS for this important task. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehend view about performance data for WebLogic Server and any other Fusion Middleware components, like SOA Suite etc, based on DMS. The performance data from DMS can also be retrieved by a standard JMX interface through MBeans. A possible use case can be the automation of performance tests and reporting. The performance data can be retrieved to generated reports about a rest run. It is also possible to integrate DMS in your own application with an available Java API. But this will be shown in another blog post.

This blog post will explain how to access the DMS MBeans to get access to performance data. As example the performance metrics for SOA Suite composite’s will be used. But first two possibilities will be introduced to display performance data from DMS. This helps to identify the right DMS metrics for the corresponding use case.

DMS Spy Servlet

DMS Spy is a simple graphical interface to display DMS metrics. It gives an overview about all available DMS metrics currently available. Use the following URL to access DMS Spy Servlet

Access is granted with a WebLogic Server admin enabled user.

DMS Spy Servlet Overview

Oracle Enterprise Manager

The DMS Beans are all available under the domain name “oracle.dms”. The DMS sensors contained by a noun are exposed as the attributes of the corresponding MBean.

DMS MBeans in MBean Browser

Note: In release 12c the DMS nouns are not converted to MBeans by default! Use the “updateDMSEventRoute” WLST command to register the DMS Nouns MBeans! See DocID 1991305.1 in Oracle Support for more details

Register DMS metrics as MBeans


Access DMS MBeans for Oracle SOA Suite

1. Connect to the MBean Server

2. Searching for DMS MBeans

It is important to know that for every noun a corresponding MBean will be registered. Due to this the number of MBeans for a certain noun can be very large. As an example the noun soainfra_message_processing for SOA Suite contains a MBean for every service engine. So when working with these MBeans it makes sense to reduce the search for the corresponding MBean at a minimum to the type represented by the noun.

SOA Suite DMS MBeans

In this example all DMS MBeans of type soainfra_message_processing will be retrieved. Because all the MBeans have the same operations and attributes programming a report is quite easily.

3. Evaluate the DMS MBeans


Example Output for DMS MBean


In this short blog post the general usage of DMS MBeans are explained. It can be used to automate reports including performance data from a Fusion Middleware environment.